About Us

Sociity 7 is  your go to store for FASHIONABLES. 

I've found my purpose in life through eclectic fashion. Making women feel PHENOMENAL, EMPOWERED and a BOSS in any environment and any situation. I walk in fashion everyday because it inspires me to be ambitious, bold and innovative. I follow my dreams and my own path. Sociity 7 allows me to reinvent myself, create my own energy, find my purpose and take the initiative to influents others to live their own creative style. I believe women should live their best life and feel inspired when they step into the world. Reinforcing our position in the world by creating our own SOCIITY. 

Sociity 7 is a virtual online storefront with trendy boutique styles that reflect retail prices tailored to women who wants to create fashionable style of her own, through eclectic, contemporary, modern and trendy fashions.

The Year of The Women!!!!