Brand Ambassador Program


A SOCIITY7 Brand Ambassador fosters positive community relations while expanding our digital reach globally on social media. This fun, six-month position is the perfect way to show your love for this incredible brand while connecting with other likeminded fashionista like yourself. Brand Ambassadors are expected to participate in these daily duties:

  • Offer recommendations and review of SOCIITY7 apparel, shoes, and accessories on e-commerce platforms and with FB groups not owned by SOCIITY7.
  •  Engage with other members of SOCIITY7 communities by commenting on posts and posting your own engaging photos/content.
  •  Direct all customers service issues to our Customer Support team.
  • Report questionable post.
  • Share SOCIITY7 posts on your social media.
  • Maintain an overall positive demeanor.
  • Take high-quality lifestyle photos with new releases for SOCIITY7 promotional purposes.


SOCIITY7 staff will select Brand Ambassadors every six months based on the following criteria:

  1. Positivity and friendliness- Candidates exude a positive, uplifting demeanor in their posts in SOCIITY7 groups, as well as other popular groups in the industry.
  2. Engagement- Candidates actively participate in conversation threads and have demonstrated a willingness to help answer questions about apparel, shoes, and accessories.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion- We value all our customers and wants to ensure that our Brand Ambassador groups reflects the diversity and culture focused on equality, inclusion, and respect of all people.
  4. Location- Through careful social media analysis, we estimate the prospective ambassador’s ability to reach and influence customers new to our brand in general.
  5. High Engagement Rate and Following- As a growing brand, we seek applicants who can help elevate our brand awareness and product visibility on both Facebook and Instagram. A high engagement rate, coupled with a broad following, leads to a broad reach. Follower’s count is not a sole criterion.
  6. Use of Public Accounts- SOCIITY7 will only onboard customers who are comfortable showing themselves on their public social media accounts. Since an ambassador program is an integral part of our marketing initiatives, it’s crucial that all applicants have a visible, searchable, and public media presence on Instagram and Facebook.
  7. Photography Skills- This position requires ambassadors to take pictures of themselves and/or family members and friends using our apparel, shoes, and accessories. Upon entering an agreement to become a Brand Ambassador you will allow us to use all photos shared directly with our staff or posted on social media platforms for promotional purposes. Due to the fact that we rely heavily on our ambassadors for promotional images, photography skill is a heavily weighted criterion in our decision.
  8. Timing and Needs-Our team evaluates the addition of new ambassadors and total number of selected based on business and marketing needs.

Additional Expectations of Brand Ambassadors;

  1. Us of SOCIITY7 apparel, shoes, and accessories- All Brand Ambassadors are required to signa non-compete agreement that restricts the official representation of other brand with competing apparel, shoes, and accessories while in the ambassador program.
  2. Social media posting- All Brand Ambassadors must actively comment, like, share, and positively engage with others, both with SOCIITY7 Facebook groups. Ambassadors also actively comment, like, and share SOCIITY7 public Facebook pages and Instagram pages to help boost the visibility of posts at a minimum of three (3) times per week
  3. Posting and tagging- Regular tagging of   SOCIITY7 apparel, shoes and accessories while representing our brand within, but not limited to, shoes, hats, jewelry, and retailer social media groups that are outside of SOCIITY7 owned social media groups.
  4. Use of your photos- If you are selected as a Brand Ambassador, you are giving SOCIITY7 permission to use your photos for promotional purposes. Our expectations is that our Brand Ambassadors will post pictures of themselves, including showing their faces, on both Facebook and Instagram.
  5. All ambassadors- Will be provided a link to a Dropbox folder where they will be expected to upload clear, quality images at a minimum of three (3) times per week. It is understood these images will be used for promotional purposes as described above.
  6. All selected Brand Ambassadors- Are required to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement. 
Brand Ambassador Benefits

Brand Ambassadors in good standing will receive each month either one free clothing item, one pair of shoes, and/or an accessory in their choice of color, including new releases but excluding VIP releases.

They will also be allowed to purchase, during their ambassadorship, all regular line-up apparel, shoes, and accessories at wholesale prices. These apparel, shoes and accessories must be purchased directly through SOCIITY7. Wholesale prices does not include discontinued, seconds, or VIP apparel, shoes, and accessories.

From time-to-time ambassadors may be asked to photograph for promotional purposes as an exclusive print. This is not a requirement for the position, nor should it be expected that every ambassador will be asked to perform this duty. If the ambassador agrees to participate in this request on behalf of SOCIITY7, a product in that print will be provided at not cost to the ambassador. It is expected that upon acceptance the ambassador will do everything within their power to quickly turnaround the lifestyle photos for promotional use. If the product is shipped free of charge or not. SOCIITY7 may or may not help facilitate these opportunities as they become available.



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Thanks for taking time to fill out the SOCIITY7 Brand Ambassador form. If we are interested in selecting you, we will contact you via the email address you provided above.

SOCIITY7 an equal opportunity employer that will not discriminate against any qualified employee or applicant because of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, height, weight, marital status, or any other characteristic that is protected by law.